InterviewMe.AI is Rewriting the Rules of Pre-Interview Assessment

Welcome to Unseen Identity, where we’re rewriting the rules of pre-interview assessments with our groundbreaking Generative Unique User Model (GUUM) technology. Say goodbye to traditional hiring processes and embrace a new era of evaluating soft skills.

Swift & Comprehensive Assessments

Our GUUM technology revolutionizes the way users are profiled, delivering swift and comprehensive assessments. By leveraging this technology, companies can efficiently evaluate a larger candidate pool at a fraction of the cost, enabling informed hiring decisions regardless of their size.

30-Second Screening

Reveals soft skills and cognitive capabilities through 30-second gamified interaction.

Mini-Cert:  Soft Skill Authentication

Certifies and quantifies soft skills and cognitive capabilities to differentiate in job market.

AI-Powered Voice Based Mini-Interview

assess candidates’ on-the-spot responses with simulation of real-life conversational scenarios.

Revolutionary Non-Verbal and Non-Textual Assessment

Enables instant, individualized emotion and cognitive detection for analysis and communication, without relying on any text or verbal input from users.

Rapid Detection Process

The detection process is within just 30-40 seconds, carried out through users’ interactions with the screen, such as tapping on their phones, in response to our scientifically designed gamified stimuli.

High Accuracy Rate

Our neuroscience algorithms, developed through extensive experiments, achieve an accuracy rate of over 80%.

Convenient, Individualized and Non-Intrusive

Detect emotions and cognitive states in normal individuals without requiring additional physiological sensors or any text or verbal indications from users.

InterviewMe.AI secures fourth prize at Techstars Startup Hackathon competition in Irvine, California.

Our research has proven for the first time that integrating our GUUM technology with current LLM and ChatGPT based applications can greatly enhance their effectiveness.

This is achieved by our system’s ability to comprehend and address users’ emotions and requirements without the need for text or verbal responses. This distinctive capability sets us apart from other comparable applications.

Why Recruiters Choose InterviewMe.AI

Headhunter-Like Automated Model for Instantly Handling Maximum Job Behavioral Screenings.

Time and Resource Savings

30-second objective cognitive screen replacing lengthy work personality tests while also provide instant direct reference of the latter.

Improved Hiring Success

Accesses a wider range of soft skills and work competence, increasing the likelihood of finding the ideal candidate aligned with the organization’s values and culture.

Scalability and Efficiency

Enables instant, cost-effective automated screening of a larger candidate pool, assist the process of screening increasing volume of applications.

A market ready for transformation. Unseen Identity® caters to a diverse range of audiences

Human Resources

HR agencies in search of a refined candidate-selection process

Business Owners

Businesses seeking efficient and effective hiring processes

Job Applicants

Candidates eager to enhance their soft skills and employability