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Unseen Identity AI Robot

Generative Unique User Model (GUUM)

GUUM is a 30-second emotion screen model that enhances ChatGPT’s responses by creating unique profiles for every user instantly, without the need for any text or verbal input.

Powers LLM & ChatGPT Apps

Powers LLM & ChatGPT based applications with advanced cognitive detection capabilities for analysis and communication

Gain Deeper Insights

Gain deeper insights into users’ emotions and cognitive states, leading to enhanced personalization and user experience

Transforms Interviews & Other Conversational Practices

GUUM can detect the usersโ€™ soft skills and capabilities in 30 seconds when users ask to understand more about themselves, and in response, it provides customized feedback and guidance.

Reduced Costly API Calls

Reduce Costly ChatGPT Calls with GUUMโ€™s trained emotion labels and action labels

GUUM uses a Three-Stage Processing System

GUUM uses a three-stage processing system designed to provide a personalized and efficient user experience for LLP and ChatGPT-based applications.

Instant User Modelling

In 30 seconds the system gains insights into the user’s intrinsic properties and cognitive behavior with a unique 30-second emotion screen, through users’ interactions with the screen, in response to our scientifically designed gamified stimuli.

Context Construction

The system analyzes the user’s current situation, intent, and any relevant information that could impact their decision-making. This analysis enables the system to provide more accurate and relevant responses to the user’s queries or needs.

Action Formation

The final stage of GUUM is action formation, where the system provides personalized recommendations, suggests actions, or gives advice based on the user profile and context, leading to personalized and efficient user experience, and increased user satisfaction.

GUUM Powers Our Products

With a growing demand for personalized interactions, Unseen Identity fills the need for AI-driven solutions.


Certifies and quantifies soft skills and cognitive capabilities to differentiate in job market, 30-second screen replacing lengthy work personality testsl


Revolutionize language learning for non-native speakers using custom AI-generated tutors. Adapted to different learning styles.


Personalized customer service experience with AI-powered responses for inquiries and complaints using humanistic and astute interaction.